12 Super Smart Ways to get clients from Social Media

Beauty PR Club Brand Recognition and Social Expert, Angie McLuckie tells us why it is - Time to get super-duper social and spread some social love!

Facebook is continually growing with no signs of stopping!  Instagram is taking over everyone’s lives and we spend hours looking at people taking pictures of their feet in piles of leaves, or a beautiful cup of coffee on a marble table!! Joking aside, you are missing a trick if you don’t utilise the platforms your customers are hanging out on for starting conversations and building relationships with potential new fans!

Here are some tips to start drawing in some new customers:

Post Consistently – Don’t go too long without popping a post onto your profiles – ideally you want to ‘Tweet’ around 6 times a day, post on Instagram and Facebook once a day and Pinterest needs 30 pins a day to keep you ticking over. LinkedIn is not as content hungry and you would get away with between 2 – 5 times a week

Join in Tweet Chats – These can be so much fun and fast paced! There are Tweet Chats for about every topic you can think of out there. They all revolve around their own unique hashtag and are normally scheduled for the same time each week. There are thousands of them.  Try www.tweetreports.com to find one you are interested in.

Join Facebook Groups Like Beauty PR Club! – Just like this one, you will meet and chat to lots of interesting people, as long as they are relevant to your business.  If your business sells an organic beauty brand, then do a search for ‘natural beauty groups’ for example. Think of the kind of interests your potential customers may enjoy chatting about and find some groups to join.

Provide lots of value in any posts you make – If you want to get peoples attention, you need your content to do one of the following – be Informative, Emotional, Topical, Cutting Edge or Beautiful.  The online world is one busy place, and to cut through the noise, your content is going to have to be top notch.  Make sure whatever you post on all your platforms is off the highest quality.  Don’t just post for the sake of posting.  The algorithms will only pick up on content that people are engaging with or is appearing popular, so make every image, video or article count.

Go out of your way to help people – Whether this is in a Facebook group, on a forum or on the general chit chat of accounts that you follow, if someone posts a question or asks for help, post an answer if you can. Not only will you be seen as friendly and helpful by the person that you are following, you will also make an impact on those who see your comments.

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Use Social Media Advertising – Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest paid advertising options you can get.  They can be targeted down to the smallest thing such as magazines your clients read, their income and their education! Instagram is another great option for advertising for very visual businesses.  Twitter and LinkedIn do tend to be a lot pricier, so always work out a strict budget and make sure your potential customers would definitely use those platforms.

Live Stream often – People love to be part of the ‘cool gang’ and what better way for them to be able to communicate with you within seconds and to be able to fire questions and comments than on a ‘Live’ feed.  Think how special they feel when you wave back and say ‘Hi Jane, thanks for joining in’……. it’s almost like a shout out on TV. Its human nature to crave attention and this feeds into that emotion.

Use Instagram/Facebook Stories everyday – It’s like being a nosey neighbour, but with permission!! If these are platform’s you use, then try to update ‘Stories’ as often as you can. People love to see behind the scenes of who they follow and even if your feed or page is curated enough to win a design award, your feed can be the raw/uncensored you

Host a competition – Who doesn’t like a freebie?! Competitions on Social Media are pretty easy to run and you don’t have to provide a super expensive prize. Make sure it is relevant to the service or product your business provides as you want to attract the kind of followers that would actually buy from you in the future and not just there because you are giving away an iPhone!  If they are not your target audience, they will ditch you as soon as the competition is over.

Use UGC – people love seeing themselves.  If you go on a night out, take a bunch of photos and then download them, I bet the first person you look for is yourself!! 😊 User Generated Content to give it the full title, is a great way to get people to engage with your brand, as well as driving a constant stream of content that you don’t have to create yourself.  You don’t even have to give anything away to get people to provide the images for you, encourage them to ‘tag’ you in, or use a ‘brand specific hashtag’ so you can find the images and repost them.  Everyone loves their chance at 15 mins of fame.

Engage, Engage, Engage – It’s what SOCIAL media is all about after all. Don’t just engage with people who ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your posts, search for accounts in niches you like and that are relevant to your business and then go and  ‘comment’ and ‘like’ their content.  It won’t get you super quick results, but over time you will grow your community and once they gain trust in you, they could potentially become your next customers.

Use Micro-influencers – Don’t forget the wee guys.  Influencer Marketing is going to be huge in 2019.  Its great to have the budget to work with the mega-famous brand ambassadors, but the micro-influencers with 1k -5k followers could have some real impact.  If you are looking into this style of marketing, make sure the influencer is relevant to your niche and that their audience isn’t full of fake, bought followers.

Hope this gives you a few ideas that you can use

Email Angie direct with any questions at angie@beautyprclub.com or drop us a comment below.

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