Be your own rock and buy more bum bags!

Positivity is the key to your success! #fact

Imagine the mindset involved here that made The Rock think that this bum bag, jumper and necklace was a good idea!

Got a big presentation at work coming up? Encountering obstacles? You need to remember the 3 P’s.

Permanence, pervasiveness and whether it’s personal.

Pessimists tell themselves that bad events:

Will last a long time, or forever. (“I’ll never get this done.”)

Are universal. (“You can’t trust any of those people.”)

Are their own fault. (“I’m terrible at this.”)

Optimists look at setbacks in the exact opposite way:

Bad things are temporary. (“That happens occasionally but it’s no big deal.”)

Bad things have a specific cause and aren’t universal. (“When the weather is better that won’t be a problem.”)

It’s not their fault. (“I’m good at this but today wasn’t my lucky day.”)

When talking to yourself, be an optimist, not a pessimist. Tell us the last time you worked on your self talk.

Be your own Rock, buy more bum bags! Have a great day x

#mindset #positivity #motivation #success #simple

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