Brexit and Beauty Brands

Updated: Oct 25, 2019


Further to my Brexit and trade meetings this week as long as there is not a 'NO DEAL' Brexit then brands and suppliers should not have to 'panic'. If you already trade with the RTW (rest of the world) then nothing will change.

For a departure that involves a deal, we will have a transition period of around 2 years whereby you will have time as a business to implement the necessary procedures to enable you to trade freely with the 27 other European Member States and we will also come to our own agreements with Japan/Canada/Singapore.

New paperwork will, of course, be required, new ways of working will also need to be learned in-house but this is completely do'able.

One thing to note is that Parliament is a circus but deal or no deal we are leaving the EU and you all need to learn new ways of working with any countries that you wish to trade with. We can help if you are a beauty or grooming brand who would like to trade with the RTW.


Your local chambers of commerce are unable to advise you on the implications of export and import with regard to beauty and medical products and have kindly suggested that we try the Gov.UK website.

Their hands are tied without having any clear direction from Government and event the HMRC Export Forms that they use are already out of date.  With an extension or delay, the details will be less forthcoming and we have already heard of an exhibition company who are not coming to the UK in 2020!

We are focusing on export/import requirements for beauty, cosmetic and aesthetics businesses into the coming months and also 2020.  And are attending numerous industry and Government events over the coming weeks to find out more details to share with you.

As part of those efforts on 23rd October we will be meeting with the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) about how my client's in beauty, aesthetics and grooming businesses should prepare for Brexit, as well as the opportunity to ask any questions.

We will discuss:

· Importing and exporting

· Supplying services to the EU

· Your Employees

· Using and transferring data

Please let me have any of your questions by 11 am tomorrow morning by emailing

If you are worried about your brand, would like to access our global retail buying partners or simply register your interest in our Brexit & Beauty Campaign you can sign up here:

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