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Happy Monday Beauty PR Revolutionaries!

Commitment is often hailed as a key ingredient to success. Commitment is high on the agenda with Beauty PR Club and one of the first concepts our new members get in touch with then they join. But what does it mean in practice?

I meet hundreds of ambitious professionals online, in our forum or at events and generally they fall into two categories: those who are not ready to accept that keys to success are in their own hands and those who are ready to commit to the journey ahead. I believe that commitment is the single most important ingredient on a road to success, what ever you are looking for in life.

You can’t drop in and out of commitment. It simply doesn’t work. You can’t pick and choose. And you certainly can’t have your cake and eat it. So when you choose your tools for success you should choose carefully (we think that picking us is obviously one of the best things you can do for your brand and business). A lot of people try to ‘maximise’ the journey by cherry picking from different resources. It may work for some, but I know that when I choose my tools, guides, experts and mentors carefully and then commit to them I get much more out of my journey.

Not being fully committed can be a protection mechanism. When you don’t commit you can’t fail.

What are you committing to this week? Good luck! #mondaymotivation

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