Get your facts right in 2020!

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Ever wondered how brands come up with those cheeky little 'facts' that show up on their advertising? How often have you seen adverts for well-known skincare brands and then spotted those snippets of info telling you that 71% of just 12 people think that this cream really evaporates their wrinkles? That is like saying that 2 people in a packed cinema like the film that they have just paid to see..... but we are still buying the skincare in spades. It's called marketing!

I mean if Helen Mirren is telling us that skincare works and Claudia Winkleman is begging us to believe that she uses a certain shampoo to keep her shine and stop her flakes then who are we to question these stats? The mere fact that Helen said that of course she 'does not f***ing use the stuff' seems to matter not.

How to avoid Fake News

Here at Beauty PR Club, we don't do grey, we like to make sure that our beauty, grooming and anti-ageing clients get their facts right. There is no fake news here, and we do this with the support of brilliant consumer research company Apart from us being lured in by the brilliant pricing with your first question free and additional questions costing just £250 with no setup fees, their team of data scientists are great too. It is so easy to set up a survey or you can access recent surveys covering a multitude of topics totally free of charge from energy suppliers and palm oil to skincare and beauty Influencers, there is a stat for every story.

For beauty PR's and journalists, we have worked with Datapad to come up with a few surveys to whet your appetites such as:

  • Male Grooming,

  • Tattoo Regrets & Removal

  • Hair Loss

  • Hair Trends for 2020

  • Skincare Preferences

  • Top 5 Beauty Brands

  • Makeup and Influencer choices

  • or write your own survey!

Grab your FREE download and utilise these interesting facts and figures to support your articles and blogs or support your brand growth choices to give you the consumer edge. You can simply say thanks with a link to in our stories.

You will be able to access the free to download factsheet provides a summary of our findings from a 2000 nationally representative sample of men and women from across the UK, real people not famous Hollywood actors on a job!

Also available in a full research report and data tables with cross breaks for demographics including Gender, Age (5 bands), Government Office Region, Household Income, Education Age, Employment Status, Marital Status and Tenure for just £99.

Data tables include

Summary report, a full report including a breakdown by age, gender and region excel tables with cross breaks for all questions, sentiment analysis options and demographics

Question Summary

Hairdryer usage, the importance of gender branded products, where people seek advice on grooming, hair loss, beauty spend, skincare routine, skincare purchasing and brands

Journalist and PR's do feel free to get in touch with Lisajane on

Or for more information on how we can help your beauty, wellness or grooming brand to get your facts right email or alternatively start your survey today at

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