How do I contact a journalist or Editor?

Who is writing and compiling the pages that you see your brand sitting on?

How do you get in touch with your chosen publication?

Go out to your local newsagent and grab every title that you would like to be in and then head home (remember to pay first!) Take a look under the title of the features that resonate to your brand or service, search along the edges of the page and along the spine of the magazine and look for the person who wrote it.

You will often find contact names and phone numbers at the front of the magazines and you may find further info on the journalist’s social media pages.

Journalists hang out on Twitter

Start following the contacts you pull out from your magazines on Twitter.  Use the ‘Twitter List’ function to create a ‘media list’ of targets that you can then keep track of.

You never know when they will tweet about what they are working on and this could be your chance to jump into a conversation. They often use the hashtag #journorequest so make sure that you follow that from your Twitter account.

Google them

You could also look out for them sharing articles that they’ve written - at which point, you may want to tell them if you loved reading it or you are a fan of the brand(s) they’ve featured in it.

Find ways to start relevant conversations to put yourself on their radar

Should you call or write the editor or journalist?

Most journalists or editors don’t object to either method of pitching an idea, but they usually prefer one or the other. It’s simply a matter of personal choice and time constraints.

If you don’t know how a particular editor feels on the subject, call and ask. An appropriate opening might be: “This is You from Your Brand, and I have a story idea you might be interested in. Do you have time to spend a few minutes over the phone discussing it, or would you prefer that I send you an outline?”

Journalists or editors who prefer to get the story in writing will tell you so. Those who prefer a quick description over the phone appreciate your respect for their time, whether they listen to your pitch on the spot or ask you to phone back later.

Keep Knocking

Be prepared to be tenacious, persistent, friendly and polite and whatever you do make sure that there is actually a story there! Just because you think your brand is the best you need to be able to convey in a short pitch you 'why'.

All emails should be addressed to a specific editor by name. An email that begins “Dear Editor” may not reach the right person; plus, it indicates you were too lazy to find out that person’s name.

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