How to find the right suppliers for Your beauty or wellness business?

In technological terms, there has never been a better time to be a small business owner: instant access to information and advice online is there if you seek it, and people can always get hold of you, plus you can work wherever you need to.

However, running a small brand, salon or medispa can be challenging and stressful due to the specific demands of consumers seeking your services, the management and motivation of staff, and the unique potential risks involved in the cosmetic/aesthetic sector. Most beauty business owners spend their time working in the business and not on the business or marketing, social media and PR.

It can also be lonely when you’re first starting up; and knowing who to turn to and trust for quality independent advice can be a learning curve when other people (customers, staff, family and anyone who has lent you money) are relying on your good judgement and decision making.

Having been through this journey myself with different business models; from a membership model with Beauty PR Club, a successful development consultancy with Gorgeous Work, the launch of my new business success coaching business, to a global digital marketing business with Travelzoo and launching and running huge international businesses such as, GE Capital Warranty Services and GE Capital Finance not to mention my own insurance company; I’ve had to seek LOTS of advice and support and made some huge mistakes over the years and I certainly have lots of skills to offer the right clients.

I would like to outline some of the general resources that are available to any business owner, alongside options that are tailored to our specific sector.

Broad-based business organisations

I have been a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) - for many years (from £172/annum). They provide a huge range of practical general business support services and I have found their telephone advice line invaluable for guidance on specific issues. In some areas they have local breakfast meetings that can also be useful for networking. Some business owners prefer access to more structured networking organisations, that also provide a range of member benefits, such as the Chambers of Commerce -, or the Institute of Directors - www.iod.comwhere you can also rub shoulders with Directors of larger corporate businesses.

Other broad business support avenues worth exploring are your local council, (especially for grants and funding), alongside local universities who may have incubator schemes for start-ups and other programmes designed to support local businesses.

Business growth services

There is a myriad of national and local companies who can provide a wide range of advice-based services that can help grow different aspects of your business. These tend to be focused around PR, sales and marketing – which is an area where many business owners struggle yet we specialise.

Obviously, there are industry specific experts who specialise is various aspects that can help you to create and grow a successful business and that is why I set up my successful marketing and PR agency to do just that. We offer a free non-committal 30 minute discovery call where you can talk to our experts about all sides of your business or brand.

Specific beauty and wellness industry support

As the beauty, health and anti-ageing sector is so new and diverse, with many specific ethical and legal aspects to consider (especially related to sales and marketing), organisations and companies have evolved to provide more tailored support services.

Most industry magazines and conferences will provide some form of information related to aspects of building an aesthetic clinic and can be worth subscribing to. Beauty PR Club Facebook forum has been set up to offer free guidance and advice to brands and professionals who are seeking business advice and support from a welcoming likeminded community.

In addition, we host many webinars, live training and workshops each year so why not come and say hello today –

Lisa x

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