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I know that digital marketing is sometimes thought of as a dark art to some or something that is too complicated to learn but with the help of Beaut PR Club we can simplify it more for you. Here we start with key words and SEO tips. Get all of your team on board to maximise improvement.

One simple quick fix you can make for the festive season is to identify keywords that trend for your business, and others like it, during the holiday season, and update your pages to incorporate those keywords in vital areas.

Gifts for him, Gifts for her, Last minute Gift, Party Treatments, Festive beauty Tips, Festive Beauty Treatments, Beauty Gift Sets, Beauty Gift Vouchers........ the list goes on forever!

If your site’s internal link structure is halfway decent, Google will most likely notice any changes to your page’s title tags and content within a few days, and the impact should be felt shortly after.

For future measurement, the best place to start is with your own data records, assuming you have data from the previous festive season.

In Google Analytics, identify any pages that saw a boost in search engine traffic relative to the others during the holiday season. If possible, enter those pages into a tool like THIS ONE (I cannot bring myself to write the name but it does what ti says on the tin!) to identify what keywords they were ranking well for during the time period. You can then incorporate these keywords into the title and SEO tag.

Additionally, you can encourage the search engines to find these pages more often and higher in the results by updating your homepage to include links to these pages, especially if they are buried deeper in your site’s navigation and don’t have many direct links. These changes can help boost authority to the pages, even on a relatively short timeline.

You can also take a look at your competitors to see which pages are getting a boost during the holidays, and for what keywords, and consider incorporating these keywords into the title tags and content on the relevant homepages.

Creating a dedicated “holiday deals” page with the associated keywords is also very likely to result in a boost during the holiday season, even this late into it.

Seasonal competitions

A seasonal campaign that encourages user activity beneficial for SEO is still possible even this late into the season. While the impact on your search engine authority likely won’t have much of an impact on traffic before the holidays are over, the impact on the long term authority of your site is an investment that is well worth the effort, and any improvements it makes to rankings for holiday related search queries will come back to benefit you again next year.

A seasonal campaign can include any incentive for users to take part in an activity that generates holiday related content you can post to your site or that is likely to generate links – as long as you aren’t directly remunerating users for links back to your site.

The gold standard here would be a photo competition, such as asking your followers to post holiday related images with your hashtag to social media, with a prize for the winner. Similar ideas could include requesting holiday beauty tips, innovative holiday uses of your products, asking your audience to create videos that incorporate your product, and so on.

In the process, it should be natural for your users to link to the page where the competition is being run. This page can then be updated and populated with the user-generated content.

Again, while such an effort is unlikely to have enough of a direct impact on your SEO authority this year to help holiday sales, it will build your authority for the future. If you make the competition a yearly tradition, running it on the same URL, you can continue to build more and more authority to your holiday contest page each year, adding new content and attracting more and more attention.

As your authority grows, it will help inflate your entire site’s SEO authority, as well as improve the reach of the competitions and your successes each year.

As always have a great week.

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