Journalists are NOT interested in your business!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Here’s a drop of cold hard truth - journalists are not interested in your business

Time poor, highly tasked and deadline-driven journalists do not have time to listen to information that you alone may find interesting about your company.

You may think your sales figures, your new product or your latest acquisition are interesting enough on their own or even at all.

But journalists don’t.

What makes a journalist pay attention to you?

They want a story. In fact, journalists need a story.

If you want to avoid getting ignored by journalists then you need to give them a ready-made news story.

You need to do their work for them.

Here’s how to stop being ignored:

👉 Present them with a clearly written and compelling story

👉 Help them do their job with a clear angel

👉 Give them enticing or high resolution images to entice them to find out more

👉 Call them by their name and don't spam them

We guarantee it.

And here’s the main thing you need to know about how to present your story.

You don't have to SELL your story, you just have to TELL your story.

Journalists don’t work in the advertising department, they work in editorial.

Stories get published on merit, not because you pay a fee for them (that's called 'advertising').

If a journalist thinks you are simply flogging a product they will dismiss you.

And if a journalist feels like you are just spamming him/her then that’s a huge black mark against your name (you are ghosted  👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 ).

It's a delicate balance to get right.

Of course, on the other hand, if you never approach them then they won’t have heard of you. But if you overwhelm them with emails, and remember they are getting 200 a day (or more!), then it’s game over.

So when you’re ready to approach a journalist with your story you have to make sure it stands out and doesn’t get lost within their crowded inbox.

Click here to see EXACTLY how you do it with a proven press release template.

Remember, a story is something that is ‘new’ or a ‘first’ or has an 'angle' in some way - that’s the magic ingredient that makes the news.


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