Making time for pr in your business

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

To succeed in making time for PR - you have to shrink everything to bitesize proportions to make it manageable. But just how do you make time?

Trust me, I know how difficult that can be when you want to go in all guns blazing BUT approaching it like this is likely to lead to a binge of great activity followed by a lull, which is not the right approach to PR.  

If you can work a number of key PR activities into your daily task list, you will have the best chance of PR success.  

I would advise spending 30-60 minutes a day on it if you can.  Maybe a little less some days, a little more on others. 

Keep in mind though, that we can get so caught up in running our businesses we forget that half the job is actually getting our name and business in front of people.

The trick is to make a daily checklist of PR tasks that you can clear out of your way at the best time for you.  Did you know that it is really easy to find the journalist that you might want to talk to on Twitter? Yes, that is where they hang out!

I would suggest tasks such as:

    •    Check #JournoRequest on Twitter for PR opportunities that could work for you.

   •    Catch up with the news and trends in your industry.

  •    Sign up to daily email alerts from

    •    Check Twitter for any relevant trending hashtags that might allow you to throw your opinion into the mix. #prrequest #journorequest

    •    If you subscribe to a media request service (HARO or journorequest.comare free options) check for relevant opportunities.

Some aspects will be better suited to landing on your checklist once a week such as:

    •    Add three new journalist contacts to your media list.  Email 4 will give you some more guidance on this aspect.

    •    Check Google Alerts for any online coverage mentions

    •    Buy a few papers each week to stay up to date on the type of ‘short lead’ features that are being written and keep a note of possible opportunities

The more you learn about PR, the better you will be able to create and manage your checklist.  Keep in mind:

“To succeed in making time for PR - you have to make everything bite sized to make it manageable.”

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