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Public relations is a business tool that often gets confused with marketing and advertising, three related but very distinct activities. Beauty PR Club is boutique Results Relations® agency utilising a powerful combination of all 3 to ensure that your brand gains the coverage that you want but let's clear up the differences for you.


Marketing is typically defined by the Four Ps — product, price, placement (channels of distribution), and promotion.

Product refers to the physical product and its packaging. With many products — moisturiser, for instance — the packaging is a key product differentiation: Juice boxes are a separate product category from frozen concentrate. Service can also be an integral part of a product. For example, enabling people to look like a supermodel has gained makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury widespread fame publicising this in everything they sell using their beautiful brand ambassadors.

Price is what you charge for the product. Appeal to the market of people who purchase products in that price band.

Place refers to channels of distribution — in other words, where the product is sold. Do you sell at a retail or on a website? Do customers buy the product directly from you or through an agent or distributor?

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Promotion consists of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and, of course, public relations.


PR is planning to do before you start! Defining Your Goals and Objectives After the audit is complete, you should have a pretty good idea about the following:

The key messages you want to communicate to your customer

Often these key messages revolve around the product’s benefits or its advantages over the competition. But not always. For example, your key message may be that the company cares about being high end yet kind to the environment, or you may want to focus on the fact that a product organically grown ingredients and has no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The marketing objective

Is the objective to increase sales revenues, brand awareness or market share? One client may ask us to sell as many beauty products as possible. Another may want to become the leading beauty brand in the SME space.

In order to get the most for your PR efforts, you have to identify the end result you want PR to help you achieve.

The audience

Is the audience for your key message the end-user or the channel of distribution (retailer, wholesaler, dealer)?

If you’re targeting consumers, picture your ideal audience in terms of age, income, marital status, lifestyle, career, socioeconomic status, hobbies, interests, and spending patterns.

If you’re targeting a business audience we utilise the trade press and identify what your industry roles that your target customers are in and their job titles, and responsibilities and most importantly what media they read.

Geography is important, too: We determine whether your audience is local, regional, national, or global.

The response you want to generate

Just saying that your goal is to “increase sales” isn’t specific enough. Dig deeper: What do you want your target prospect to do, say, think, or believe after being exposed to your key PR messages? Is your sales function ready to run with any leads? Are your marketing and content making it easy for people to buy from you? Do you have the right calls to action (CTA's)?


You need to drill down on the exact media you want to reach

To best reach your target audience, which publications do you want to carry your story or advertisement? These media outlets can include TV shows, radio programs, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, trade journals, and any other media your target prospect is likely to read, see, or hear.

Earned media or rather traditional PR is a wonderful and rewarding thing when done right. It is not, however, a short term win and you cannot 'suddenly' have your brand in a glossy title that is probably working on Christmas in July! If you want to be in a title like Tatler or GQ then you either need to be the 'next best thing', be related to or live with a well know journalist or engage is some serious sponsorship of said title to even be considered. Great relationships are key but also understanding that stories can be pulled and buried with not so much as a reason nor notification.

Guaranteed placement or rather advertising is the only way to go and it is not as expensive as you would first think and equally as rewarding for brand exposure and new customer sales.

We are best known for driving accountable results, delivering guaranteed brand exposure and increasing retail sales for beauty, wellness and grooming brands. If you need our help simply get in touch by emailing

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