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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

We have a fabulous March letter from the team at Beauty PR Club which has gone out to our members today featuring blogs and downloads from our experts including:

WHAT IS SEO? by Lisajane Davies (aka Moi) ​​It is one of those things that confuses so many people and we know, even the name can sound intimidating. It's three letters, like the FBI, a fancy job title, or some unknown disease. And for many of us, just the mention of an acronym makes our palms start to sweat. But take a deep breath! We're here to shatter the smoke and mirrors and walk you through SEO, and we've got your back the whole way. Read more >>>>

MONEY MINDSET - WHAT'S YOURS?​ This month our Business Success Coach, Rachel Letham tells us about money mindset and why it is actually your parents who influenced your money mindsets of today and how you go about changing it.

Our belief system is formed when we are about eight years old.  Much of what we believe about money stems from our childhood and is taken from our parents and their views and behaviour around money.​ Read more >>>>>

AWESOME INSTAGRAM DESIGN ​ Social Media and Design expert Angie McLuckie really knows her social stuff and this month share with us some of her favourite ways to upscale your Instagram.

She tells us - Instagram feeds are now a bit of an artform in themselves, and have to be looking pretty impressive as a whole and not just down to individual squares. Look at the bigger picture to attract the follower you want. Read more >>>>>>

What To Look For When Employing A Facebook Ads Marketeer!

This month , our social advertising guru, Sally McInerney helps us to learn what to look for, and maybe more importantly what to avoid, when you are looking for your brand Facebook or Instagram Advertising specialist. She is also offering her FREE discovery calls. Read more >>>>

And much much more. Are you a member yet? www.beautyprclub.com/join

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