PR Power Hour

Here at Beauty PR Club we like to have a daily power hour where we call up our contacts in the press. This maybe a beauty journalist or a health & beauty editor and we ask them what they are working on and we also tell them about story and feature ideas about members of the Beauty PR Club.

You should create at least 30-60 minutes in your day to focus on your PR and create your own power hour. Ditch the phones and turn of all of your notifications and you will be amazed at what you can get done in just 60 little minutes.

Make sure that you are ready to react when you receive a positive responce to your press chats and for that you will need to prepare the following essentials:


Your Who, Where, What, Why, When and How is the starting point for this essential component of PR.   But is the press release really dead? Or does it simply need to evolve? As a seasoned editor and publisher but also a journalist and PR I have my views.......

Just about everything in the communications world has changed in the last few years (months, weeks, hours). Yet, one relic from the PR strategy toolbox still hangs on: the press release. This decades-old tactical staple served a distinct purpose: to share facts with your publics. And it worked! But that was then, when we weren’t constantly distracted and accustomed to snacking on our news. It was also a slower era, when journalists received news in a trickle; now it’s a firehouse. Today, what reporter has time to read a page-long press release, pull out relevant nuggets, and write a story?

While there is a small rumble of hubbub in the industry that says ‘the press release is dead’, I have yet to find an effective substitute that does the job as well as a traditional release.  Also, the journalists I know do still find it the most effective way of learning about a brand, product, launch etc.

So, writing a great press release or targeted and personal styled story introduction is the first part of your ‘COPY’ essential.

Writing a great pitch email to accompany the release is the second.  Key points:

You need to grab the journalist’s attention with a punchy subject line. Personalise every email you send. Give the key selling points of your release early in your pitch. Always offer to follow up with any further information or images that the journalist might need. Sign off with all of your relevant contact information.


Stylist - The Style List

Images are most definitely an essential of PR.  Most magazines will request images to be provided by you for print in the magazine.  Some will ‘call in’ products for photography or send a photographer to you for a profile story but don’t count on this.

Good quality images are a fundamental key to PR success. 

Use them on your press releases, in your look books, on your website, on your social media and most crucially for PR, have them saved and named with product name, price and website so that they can be sent at any time they are called for.

Image ideas whilst always high resolution can be product shots, people using your products, product cut outs or transparent images (with no background) and flatlays are often called upon - do you have these?

Having the right 'tools' such as cut outs ready to go will help you foster your relationships with the media, as they want to work with people and brands that they can trust and call on and having your toolbox as full as possible gives you the best possible chance of great coverage!

If you are a service business, photography of you as the founder as well as any pictures of your service in action or the location that you work from will be your priorities.

Profile photography and Bio (with some prepared quotes maybe) of you as a creator/founder is always recommended if you are going to be putting yourself forward to represent your brand in the press in any way. We cannot stress the need for professional high resolution shots too like the ones here from my fund photo shoot last month.


Collate your website, social media links and location details into a basic contact list that you can add in when sending out your pitch and press release. NEVER forget to tell people how much and how they can book or buy your products or services too!

Get in touch to tell us your latest PR wins and if you need our help get in touch

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