Setting Goals

Happy happy Friday everyone. Beauty PR Club Newsletter 2 has been sent! Where did January go? How was it for you? Ours was fantastic and that was mainly due to all of you wonderful people and all of our new members.

So we spoke a little last week in my blog about positivity, so I expect you all now to be seeing your worth and sharing that loud and proud but next step is setting some goals to achieve success. You hear this a lot. But you probably don’t do it. Specifically, ask yourself what you need to achieve right now.

From an Olympian Study:

The best athletes had clear daily goals. They knew what they wanted to accomplish each day, each workout, each sequence or interval. They were determined to accomplish these goals and focused fully on doing so.

Marines are taught to set goals too. Sometimes really small ones, but it’s enough to keep them going when every muscle in their body is screaming for them to quit:

With goal setting the recruits were taught to set goals in extremely short chunks. For instance, one former Navy Seal discussed how he set goals such as making it to lunch, then dinner.

And what happened when they achieved those goals? Marines set new ones. The focus is on always improving.

So how can you use this?

Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make this presentation, sale, brand experience, meeting, blog post, call, launch, press release, social media post, advert, pitch better?”

Write your goals down and track your progress. Initially, the research says, aim high. Set ambitious goals. (But later on down the road don’t be afraid to settle to be happy.)

Nothing motivates you better than seeing progress nor us so share those successes. In the comments below or jump over to our Facebook Page and leave us some words of your wisdom.

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