stop your Press ReleasES FROM being ignored

We address some of the key reasons why your emails may be hitting the recycle bin here:

First and foremost, press releases must show that a publication's audience needs the information it contains.

Use your subject header to grab their attention

Number 1 - You need to make the journalist sit up and take notice. Make sure you include the main news hook of your story so they know this is an email worth opening

Number 2 - Provide them with value, help them do their job and make sure your email directly conveys the news value of your story.

Number 3 - Use the word ‘story’ in your email, show the journalist that you know the currency they trade-in. Don't just tell them that you have a story, Show that it is! Use objective descriptive techniques that invite subjectivity from the reader. If a press release looks like an advertisement, it will be ignored.

Number 4 - Don’t provide them with lists of information. You need a well-crafted story in the form of a press release. Something that they can clearly cut and paste if they are rushed off their feet.

Number 5 - Situate your story within the wider news agenda so the journalist will see that your story is relevant to their audience.

Remember, a story is something that is ‘new’ or a ‘first’ or has an 'angle' in some way - that’s the magic ingredient that makes the news.


Founder Beauty PR Club

P.S. A journalist only ignores you if they think you are wasting their time.

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