Targeting the Right Media For Your Brands

How do you make sure that you don't waste valuable time targeting lots of titles in a scattergun approach?

Our advice is to choose three to a maximum of five magazines to research thoroughly! 

The downfall of anyone trying to do PR is not knowing and understanding the media that they are pitching to.  

Don’t fall into this PR trap!

Take three target print magazines or online magazines that you feel are relevant to your brand, titles that speak to your target market.

Where do your target clients or end customers hang out? What publications do they read? Start with those titles. Women who like to buy lots of shoes will not look for them in Caravan Owners Magazine! Men who like trout fishing do not read Tatler! Well, it is unlikely...........

Read your chosen magazines cover to cover to so that you truly understand the makeup of content within them and who is writing it. 

Simply put, an advertorial is paid for and editorial is not.

Editorial coverage is what you should always be aiming to achieve for your brand or business. It is cost-effective and promotes a very persuasive tone for your audience and potential new best customer. This can be a feature, profile, styled shoot or shopping page for beauty, wellness or fashion.

Advertorial coverage: Advertorial can be made to look like editorial but will often explicitly have 'Advertising'/'Advertorial', or more discretely 'Promotion', nestled on the page.  The content, that fills the magazines in addition to the traditional full-page advertising that we're all familiar with, is the type of content that may have been generated in collaboration between the brand and the magazine or simply composed of imagery and content provided directly by the brand.  

Familiarise yourself completely - what pages would your brand, products or services fit well on?  

Does your offer, product or service seem in line with what your target magazines like to feature?

When you feel that you’ve identified some spaces that your brand will work in, the next step is to find out who is compiling these pages.  Then, what do you do next?  

Get stuck into doing some remarkable PR!

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