We are looking for the next TV Medic

Could this be you?  Are you the next TV Medical Expert but you are not on our books yet? 

A major TV network got in touch with us yesterday because they were sure that Beauty PR Club must know who they should choose to become the next Dr Raj or Dr Christian.  We do who who we would pick but sadly we don't have anyone that we can put forward on books at the moment but when has that ever stopped us right!

If you or someone you work with or know is someone who is confident talking to others and giving advice, who has bundles of personality and charisma, but most importantly, knows what they are talking about. Someone our contributors can trust and want to listen to, who can also teach the viewers some things along the way.

We have the Club Directory option which enables you to get in on the action and for us to put your forward, perfect for times like these. For just £46 per month (less if you sign up for the year) you can get onto our brand and professionals register which means that we promote you to the media and the press EVERY MONTH!

This is not all you get either (but it's such great value and cheap as chips already I hear you cry! I know we are almost a charity right!) as a Club Directory member you also get:

  • Puts you in first place for any media or press opportunities that come our way (for 12 months) without a big monthly commitment. 

  • Annual Club Directory entry for 12 months. 

  • Inclusion in our monthly press call outs and media meet-ups.

  • Our members only business support newsletter and resources (worth £119).

  • First refusal of new media and press opportunities.

  • The opportunity to upgrade to a higher monthly membership if your brand or story is picked up.

Basically it is a team having your PR back for less than 3 Starbucks a week!

You might be a nurse, a dentist, a doctor, a surgeon or all of the aforementioned. Get in touch we us and tell us why it should be you, quoting 'Next TV Expert' by email hello@beautyprclub.com today or sign up HERE.

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