What is a career in beauty?

How did you get into your beauty career or thinking about making the move into beauty or wellness? Global Beauty Expert, Kim Ford explains more about choosing a career in beauty?

What an amazing an exciting industry especially if you love people. In this industry you can be a specialist in one subject or have a wide variety of skills to meet many areas.

Most therapist start the career by taking a course that covers all areas, so for instance they would take a course which they learn facials, manicure, pedicure, electrical face and body treatments, face and body massage and waxing, by doing this it enables them if not sure to see which direction they would like to specialise in.

As a beauty therapist holding many treatment skills or specialised skills there are many opportunities of where to work, such as a spa or salon, on ships, retail outlets, what about such exciting places as MAC or many other makeup companies, maybe at Champneys Spa Resort, working for Loreal or many other big cosmetic beauty houses worldwide, or a great holistic resort in somewhere like Thailand.

Lets look at a few areas to consider.

Are you a holistic person who is very much into wellbeing you could be a massage therapist, do reflexology or Indian head, aid working with cancer charities.

You would like to work with a medical aesthetics centre with doctors and nurses, aiding in pre and post-surgery aesthetic treatments.

Maybe you want to be a makeup artist, job options can be in theatre, television, photographic make- for fashion magazines and shows.

A nail technician, at fashion shows, I know a technician who covers London fashion show regularly and gets her pictures in all the big magazines or maybe you wish to be self-employed or work for an employer to build up experience and skills, enter completions.

A career in the industry has many levels of progression, such as Spa manager or director, Salon Supervisor or team leader, Training Manager or Director globally great if you love to travel, consider becoming a Brand manager helping to develop new brands or new products in an established range.

You could even in the future, hold a role with as a Lecturer, tutor, assessor, internal or external verify, invigilator of examinations, work for an awarding body or even become a board director on a beauty company.

The beauty industry has taken me down many paths and I have had an amazing career I would not dream of. If you are inspired to enter the beauty industry, what are you waiting for? Follow your goals.

Contact me for further guidance into the beauty industry or empowering your passion to change your career at kim@beautyprclub.com.

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