What is your usp?

It’s hard nowadays to find anything that seems to have a Unique Selling Point.⠀

With all this technology around us, you think you have come up with a really good idea and then you go to the internet and find out that there are already 200 other companies doing the same thing

It can be soul destroying, but don’t stress about it too much! If you are in this situation then it’s time to niche, niche, niche! ⠀

There is no point jumping on the bandwagon in an already saturated generalist market! If there are already big organisations excelling in that area, you are only going to look like the 2nd best alternative.⠀

Look to specialise in a ‘specific’ area so you can look to become the ‘market leader’ for that specialism! People have made their fortunes by niching right down and been known for one specific offering! ⠀⠀

That is why we started @beautyprclub!⠀

Be part of the community and access all of the business advice and support you need, join today! www.beautyprclub.com

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