what makes your brand so special?

Drill down your brand offering and learn how to share just what it is that makes you and your brand special 

There is no point telling a story if you’re not telling a good one.

Finding the core of what makes you special is one of the hardest parts of the PR process, but what it comes down to is: “Is this interesting enough for a journalist to feature me/my brand, above all others?”

What questions do you need to ask yourself to find your PR Hook?

  • What is my brand vision? 

  • What sets me apart from my competition? 

  • What is special about my brand and product/service? 

  • As an impartial observer, what would first stand out to me about the brand? 

  • What are the most interesting parts of the brand’s journey to this stage? 

  • What news do I have to share with the media and its readers? 

  • What do my next six months look like?  

  • Do I have a killer PR hook being lined up - news announcement, big contract win, new product launch, celebrity event/endorsement?  

  • Should this form the focus of my news release and plan ahead for 'long lead'/'short lead' accordingly?

  • What do I want to achieve from PR coverage?

  • What aspect of my business do I most want to promote?

  • Always ask yourself - Is there someone impartial that could read my press release and give me some feedback?

Your answers to these questions will form the basis of your first press release. 

Remember though, no one owes you anything - the quality of your story and how well you communicate it will be what makes the difference.

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