What Problems Will Beauty PR Club Help you to solve?

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

What is Beauty PR Club you ask?

Beauty PR Club Business Support Network for beauty brands and professionals. The idea came from the genuine needs out there for business and brand owners when it comes to finding straight forward, simple and trustworthy advice about social media, marketing and PR. The idea just came back knocking everyday until we decided to act. And we are glad we did as the response has been amazing already!

Imagine if you could just ask a like minded community of peers and experts for business help, for free? You can with Beauty PR Club!

Some people don't have the budget and more often the case is that people have no idea what that budget should be or when or where they should be spending it. There are hundreds of agencies, one man/woman bands, Influencers, celebrities, specialists and the next social media guru or coach superstar out there causing more people to be left confused, let down or worse doing nothing.

We keep hearing the same things and seeing the same problems for business owners with no clear or easy business support solutions. Nor a group of people with the relevant expertise and track records all working together to support each other enabling everyone's business to shine.

Enter Beauty PR Club where we are creating a community, filled with readily available recognised industry expertise and resources, where our mission is to work together to collaborate and collectively thrive.

A lot of beauty related business owners are unsure if they need a digital, social or branding expert or often think they need PR when they really need marketing. We are here to tell you that you need them ALL!

Beauty PR Club can help you solve these problems and work with you until you get it right. We are a one stop shop, an inclusive and non judgmental community, where like minded professionals could find and ask for simple and effective advice. We have in-house expertise on everything from setting up a business account, buying a domain name, trademarks®, branding, building a website, success tips for social media, great content ideas and SEO advice to creating that winning PR 'angle' that is so important for you to get your brand in print.

Trustworthy expertise is hard to find, people are oddly secretive about who they turn to for help, and often help comes with a huge cost if you hire and expert or an agency direct and ROI is still a mystery when you do. Beauty PR Club wants to give you to the tools and the expertise to be able to powerhouse your brand and services social media, marketing and PR in 2019 and beyond.

When you are starting out or even when you are established, things are always changing and business practices and expertise is always evolving but how do you stay on top of your game? Beauty PR Club

We have now the first exclusive community of its kind to offer beauty, health, wellness and well-ageing brands and professionals the opportunity to upscale their knowledge and increase brand awareness in-house (or hire a trusted PR Club® partner if you want us to do it all for you).

The club including our forum and mailshots is FREE TO JOIN so what are you waiting for?

You too can tap into one of our Member Options to further access the wealth of business development, social media, marketing and PR expertise, training, resources, services. Along with our added value services like newsletters, members area on the website, expert discovery calls and event access available to our full members from just £9.99 a month*.

Whether you are just starting out or are part of a global brand the Beauty PR Club is the perfect community for you. See you over at the Facebook forum!

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