Why are Your competitors getting so much Press coverage?

Updated: May 28, 2019

This is you

"Why are my competitors getting so much media, TV or press coverage?

"I know our product is ten times better than theirs - these journalists know nothing, they’re writing about the wrong business. It’s so goddamn unfair! Why won’t someone give us a break?"

Unfair it may be, but that’s just how it goes, right?

The myths

It seems like the whole game is rigged rigged!

The media loves a tiny number of businesses and ignores the rest, including yours - every time.

Doesn’t it feel like …only business owners who have got a friend on the news desk of (insert your favourite newspaper, magazine, news site, blog, podcast here) get a look in. Only businesses that take journalists out to lunch every week can call in those favours and get big media coverage. Only businesses that were in the right place at the right time get TV coverage - it’s like winning the lottery, only harder.

Wrong, wrong, wrong...and...wrong.

The reason you’re not getting media coverage is simple –  you don’t have a PR agency working flat out on your behalf to create stories a journalist will love.

Media coverage isn’t EARNED simply because you’re a successful, profitable, innovative business.  It’s SECURED by someone who knows how to tell a great story - and that person works in PR.

Now here’s the catch.

A half decent PR agency will cost you at least £2,000 plus a month. Ouch.

Yep, it can be eye wateringly expensive for a small business - in fact so much so that this is as far as most people get when thinking about the best way to get media coverage.

But there is another way. You can learn to do it yourself.

Here’s something PR agencies won’t tell you.

It’s much easier than you think - you just need to know the rules of the game.

Once you understand these rules you’ll start to get the press coverage you’ve always dreamed of - I promise.

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