Results Relations®

solutions for business success

Results Relations® is the perfect mix of marketing and public relations which create a solid path to your brand success.  Choose from our 10 essential solutions to ensure increased brand awareness, media inclusion and probably most importantly,  sales.


You are probably an SME Beauty, grooming or wellness business, a brand that needs help with their content, PR, brand awareness or marketing strategy. 


Our approach dives headfirst into the heated, and sometimes spiky argument over the respective virtues of long-term brand building through PR versus short-term brand awareness and commercial gain through advertising & digital marketing.  We are firmly in favour of both and by working with Beauty PR Club your brand has the very best chance of achieving success.

Focusing on the results and planning backwards is what we do with our unique Results Relations™ services.  With Beauty PR Club’s ‘done for you’ results-driven solutions your marketing, communications and media relations are guaranteed with increased brand awareness and your place in the media.

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