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by Sally McInerney

Facebook & Instagram Ad Expert

inspired and successful facebook & instagram advertising for your business

Hello there my name is Sally McInerney and I love data!  There I said it!  I am delighted to join the team of experts here at Beauty PR Club and I cannot wait to share my expertise to hone your skills in digital marketing especially Facebook & Instagram ads here and on the BLOG over the coming weeks and months.


The drive and determination I have to achieve ROI for my clients, comes from the fact that I LOVE what they do. I have worked with a number of fashion retail and beauty clients in developing and building Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns because that’s where my passion lies and what I enjoy.


Beauty PR Club is an amazing platform where I can totally indulge in this and get to know a bunch of likeminded people. One of the things any specialist will tell you is that there are no good “all-rounders” when it comes to digital marketing, there is so much to learn that to be good at your job, you need to be 100% drilled down on your area of choice. Now, more than ever its so important we can all learn and collaborate with other experts which is why this group is like gold dust!


With the ever changing landscape of social media and advertising more brands are finding it harder to drive sales through Instagram and Facebook? Many are unsure how to generate sales through their own social media platforms and have been boosting post after post and not getting any return, engagement or sales.

With organic reach declining and platforms becoming over-burdened with information to select through the algorithms –  it’s now crucial to have an element of paid social advertising. I am looking forward to sharing some of the secrets and the things to avoid with you all.

I will show you how, with targeted paid ad campaigns, you can:


  • Increase web traffic

  • Improve online conversion rates

  • Measure the ROI of your campaigns effectively

  • Build complex retargeting funnels to make sure you convert customers


Despite of the fact that Facebook is the most versatile social networking platform for promoting your business among your target audience, it is not easy to master the Facebook “Ad” engine.

While Facebook offers immense opportunities for targeting your audience, it is still full of secrets that even an experienced marketing professional will be surprised. These secrets are all related to the Facebook advertising techniques and if revealed they will surely help you in understanding the some vital steps required for promoting your business successfully through Facebook.


I will show you how you can checklist to success with your campaigns to make sure make sure you have everything in place before you go live, next month I will show you a checklist that covers everything important. Can you tick all boxes below you’re ready to start advertising. 

Proper preparation increases the chance of a successful Facebook campaign. 

Think about what you want to achieve in your business this year.  It needs to be challenging yet achievable, you don’t want to make it too easy, it does need to stretch you.  It also needs to be measurable so that you know when you have reached the point - what will it be like for you to reach this goal.

"Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle."

- Ken Hakuta

If you are not getting sales from your current advertising campaigns or you got stuck before you even set up a business manager account or added your pixel, then I can help you!  Book you FREE 30 minute Facebook & Instragram Advertising Call with me below.

Sally McInerney is out Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert

and will be providing you with inspiration, motivation and sharing her advertising strategies throughout the course of the year in her regular blogs, workshops and tutorials for us.  You can find her at www.rockit-social.com  Email Sally at sally@beautyprclub.com with any questions.  Have you booked your FREE Discovery Call yet, limited places for members available.

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