Unlock your exclusive access to resources, workshop and events with our membership plans to suit everyone.


Gain access to our exclusive invitation members-only forum, workshops, webinars and events - you need to be in the club!


We have turned traditional PR on its head and now offer brands the opportunity to get in front of major media players and industry Influencers without the need for huge budgets.


Get your brand seen by key media players in your industry sector at our regular members only Press Days, Influencer Brunches and Brand Showcase Events


We’re especially proud of our Social Media Expert Workshops and Webinars. That’s because we know that all clients need a winning, creative approach, and we were able to deliver that here. Book you place and get involved.


Meet fellow members and Experts from the Beauty PR Club on our regular Industry Supper Clubs.  We host a supper every quarter and invite a leading member of the beauty industry to share their story with our guests.  

In bespoke handpicked venues we know you will enjoy and talk about for months to come.  First come first in.


We love working with clients and experts to bring you insights and expertise for your branding , rebranding and marketing projects. Upscale you brand with our invitation only intimate events held at world class location across the UK.



Invitation only events for our members to put their brands and questions to the media and industry Influencers. 


Spots are limited so make sure that your brand is in the hands of the people that count.


Meet your peers, hand picked experts and enjoy yourself at our curated members diners, breakfast clubs and events. Tap into the wealth of marketing and PR expertise, training, resources, services and value that we offer to our members.

Industry Expert Events


Here our members get the chance to put their questions to media and industry experts and brand owners.  Spots are limited so make sure that your brand is in the hands of the people that count.

How Do They Do That?


We loved working on Branding and Rebranding Campaign projects. They give us the chance to do something new, shine bright, and take an approach that highlights this brand’s unique value. We want to show you how you can too. Delivering one-of-a-kind service, in conjunction with measurable results, we help to bring  great success that your customers can truly be proud of.


We’re especially proud of our varied online training courses brought to you in a handy email or video format to enable you to learn at your own pace.



We will hold exclusive PR Clubs® Game Changer Events full of inspiration and educational twice each year aimed at refocusing, grounding, planning and preparing you, your brand and your business for the next 12 months.  Held in luxurious settings in London, Majorca and France. Just part of our value packed community, we also take our members on life-changing leadership trips, run workshops, host speed-networking nights and intimate dinners, and we run online events too.


There are so many benefits to becoming part of the Beauty PR Club

Join our exclusive members club to support your business PR, social media and marketing growth from just £14.99 per month. We know just what it takes to differentiate you from the crowded and competitive market in your specific industry.

  • Upscale Your Instagram Game!
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Spots are limited so make sure that your brand is in the hands of the people that count.
  • Influencer Events
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Get your brand in front of key industry influencers and find out how to work with them. Spots are limited so make sure that your brand is in the hands of the people that count.
  • Social Media Masterclass
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Is your Social Media game spot on? Places are limited so make sure that your brand is in the hands of the people that count.
  • Brand Discovery Calls - Available Monday-Friday All Month
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Book your 30 minute telephone or Skype call to find out more about your brand or business to see how we can help and serve you better within the Beauty PR Club.
  • Positivity Discovery Call With Business Coach - Available Mon-Fri
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    BOOK ANY WORKING DAY IN MAY BY REQUEST Do you think you need more motivation, guidance and success in your life. Is there something stopping you or your business moving forward? Book your free 30 minute success discovery call

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